Vicki Radtke is the founder of vickidawn – consulting & coaching


I am a retired CPA.  I received both my Bachelor of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota.  My professional career has spanned 20+ years, working for Governments, Not-for-Profit, and For-Profit entities, providing leadership to accounting departments.  I designed and implemented operating improvements and supported complex and innovative business decisions.  My education and experience enabled me to meet the technical and functional requirements in my leadership roles, but I sensed there was another aspect to leading that was just out of reach – identifying the ways I got in my own way that diminished my performance and reduced the impact I might have had.

I worked 45-55 hours per week.  I gave up weekends and holidays.  I gave up family time and personal time; while I found deep value in the work I performed, I lost myself.  I often felt there weren’t enough hours in the day to perform all the tasks at hand.  I longed for connection and support, validation that what I was giving up served a larger purpose.  I burned out.  It happened so gradually that it took me by complete surprise, while at the same time, it was crystal clear that it was the result of living my life focused on the doingness of working, and not the beingness of living my life.  My life became my work.  Who was I?  In April 2018 I started a new journey.

I dug deep, took a 2-year learning journey and am now a transformational coach, trainer, and business consultant. In transformational coaching, the focus is on how you see yourself – once you address your limiting beliefs – your mindset – the committed actions follow naturally, without effort. The coaching and training I provide focus on awareness of your mindset and freedom flows from there. I provide business consulting to entrepreneurs building their business, providing the tools to create structure so that you can create your dream and fulfill your purpose. You can create the mindset that allows you to work effectively and with intention – not giving up your life to do it!

My passion is to bring connection, harmony, and joy to working women who don’t have time to take care of themselves. If you often give from an empty cup, feel overwhelmed and stuck, and don’t know where to turn, there is a solution!! Let me support you to become an empowered, confident, purpose driven leader.


My middle name is dawn – it is no accident.

It’s a new day……please join me.

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