Vicki Radtke is the founder of vickidawn – consulting & coaching


I am a Certified Public Accountant.  I received both my Bachelor of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota.  My professional career has spanned 20+ years, working for Governments, Not-for-Profit, and For-Profit entities, providing leadership to accounting departments.  I designed and implemented operating improvements and supported complex and innovative business decisions.  My education and experience enabled me to meet the technical and functional requirements in my leadership roles, but I sensed there was another aspect to leading that was just out of reach – personal purpose and relationships.  How do you incorporate these elements into day to day business responsibilities, decisions, and staff supervision?

I worked 45-55 hours per week.  I gave up weekends and holidays.  I gave up family time and personal time; while I found deep value in the work I performed, I lost myself.  I often felt there weren’t enough hours in the day to perform all the tasks at hand.  I longed for connection and support, validation that what I was giving up served a larger purpose.  I burned out.  It happened so gradually that it took me by complete surprise, while at the same time, it was crystal clear that it was the result of living my life focused on the doingness of working, and not the beingness of living my life.  My life became my work.  Who was I?  In April 2018 I started a new journey.

I dug deep, took a 2 year learning journey, and am now a transformational coach, trainer and business consultant.  My passion is to bring connection, harmony, and joy to working women who don’t have time.  I deliver workshops and training online or on site.  I coach individuals as they create the life they dream about.  I evaluate your business-with you.  Together we can…….fill in the blank!!

Some milestones on my personal journey:

Both parents – alcoholic.  They did the very best they could; I’ve learned on my journey that their illness was not personal, it was not something they set out to become.  It was a heartbreaking commitment that they made together, to live a life of pain and “not enough.”

Oldest of 6 kids – Well – somebody has to be first!  My firstborn traits include being achievement-oriented, having leadership positions, and being a people pleaser to gain approval!

I’ve redesigned and rebuilt my life in 3 major events, 1976, 1986, and 2018 – with grace and resilience (and okay, some kicking and screaming and thumb sucking)!

1973 My beautiful first child is born, and I graduated high school three months later.
1976 I faced the impact of my own addiction in my life.  What is devastating can turn into your greatest strength.
1979; 1981; 1983  My beautiful 2nd, 3rd and 4th children are born!
1986 I divorced, with 4 kids and no child support or college education. Major setback!  I started life over – spiritually and materially.  I was pregnant with my 5th child, and I left with what clothes I could take on a bus from Texas back to Minnesota.  Life was hard but starting over was better than staying where I was.  That year my 5th child was born.  My middle name – dawn, came to mark a new beginning as I rebuilt my life, inside and out!
1993 I received my Bachelor of Accountancy.  I felt so grateful and proud.  It was rewarding, plus I learned my workaholism on that journey!  Seeking achievement for its own sake started to drive me.  Not a bad thing, it allowed growth and success in my career.
1996 First professional job as an accountant.  Being older than average for an internship was awkward, but it demonstrates what intention and focus can bring.
1997 Married the love of my life and my best friend.  We now enjoy our empty nest and two dogs in Northern Minnesota.  Our relationship has been a journey too.  The underlying trust and commitment are foundations that provide partnership and safety, so we both can grow and flourish, personally and professionally.

2001 – I received an MBA degree.  I finished what I started in 1994.  I discovered a love for continued learning.  That is still part of my life today.

I am blessed to have 5 grandchildren – this is the best role ever!!  They are my joy, watching them develop and grow is so interesting, they impress me with their creativity and talent!
2018 Started a new personal journey to get training and experience that culminated in a new career.  I am deeply grateful for the insights I have discovered and the new relationships I have developed.  Life – live it – experience it – own it!

My middle name is dawn – it is no accident.

It’s a new day……please join me.

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