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Where we have been: Create the Dream – Life purpose/Crafting and Serving my vision

My first 3 podcasts are about vision and how it serves your passion.

Thank you for your interest and patience as I launch my business. I’ve made several mistakes, and my learning lesson is that where I fall short shows me my commitment. We will talk about self-limiting beliefs later in this newsletter, and in more depth on my podcasts and classes.

Where we are going next: Clear the Clutter – Judgment/alignment with values/purpose/vision

Work from your vision and values

When you work from your vision your inner light shines, you are passionate and full of joyful energy

Do you know what your biggest asset is? You!! It’s being able to do work that spans and supports your passions and your purpose.

So, before you dive deep into strategies and systems, things to change outside of yourself, first tap into yourself, discover your purpose and mission, so that you can develop a clear vision and goals for your business and life.

Values based goal setting can translate your values into committed action you take in small steps that energizes and changes your life:

  • Choose a life domain: career, health, relationship, leisure, parenting, or spirituality
  • Think about what you would like to change in that domain
  • Consider why it is essential to make that change – what would you experience if it changed? Ex: l would experience having time for me
  • Write down beside each reason the value that change supports: Ex: work/life balance, harmony, intimacy, love, cooperation, collaboration, partnership, trust
  • Use SMART (specific, meaningful, adaptive, realistic, time-framed) to express your values into goals Ex: I will stop bringing work home to allow time to spend with my family to experience connection and joy. If I can’t complete my work during work hours, I will inventory why that is happening and create new goals around that so that by May 30 I no longer bring work home.
  • Monitor regularly, revise as appropriate, and add to it as important areas of your life come to the foreground

I want to challenge your old thoughts around what you deserve and what you have in your life. The way to do that is to look! Without judgment or to make you bad/wrong. Just to take stock

What makes you come alive?

I love what I do. I love coaching, training, and having conversations with women on my podcast. It makes me feel alive and gives my life purpose. For me, this is meaningful and fun!

So, what about you? What makes you come alive? What are you good at? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do people compliment you most frequently for? Why do they come to you for help?
  2. What is something unique about you, something you can bring to your workplace?
  3. Any life experience that will give you a certain flavor, a differentiating edge?
  4. What makes you stand out in the crowd? What makes you credible and authentic?

It doesn’t have to be crazy different. It can be being a people person and genuinely caring for people and knowing that you can bring that to your clients/customers/family. That’s something that can make you completely different from others. Knowing this allows you to appreciate you and what you bring to the table.

Envision Your Ideal Life

This is super important, so I want you to think about this. In our need to achieve and provide we tend to forget that we also have a life.

We want to align our work, business and services to our ideal lifestyles.

Imagine you are living your dream life — a life where you feel successful, fulfilled, and truly joyful. In that scenario, ask yourself what activities you are doing or what type of skills you are using.

Be very specific about the details of your dream life. Ask yourself:

  • How many hours do you work?
  • What is your experience in your work environment?
  • Do you travel? If so, how often? Do you work in the city? From home?
  • Do you work with the same people every day? What is your role with them?


Now, write down the topic you are the most passionate about and the area you feel to have expertise on or the issue you feel most called to solve or serve. You know what gets in your way at work, what could be improved and what the benefits would be. Connect to it.

When you combine your unique talents and your values with service to others, you will experience real joy and fulfillment. You should be living your purpose and working to serve your vision and purpose. If you company values, vision and mission don’t conflict with yours you will feel a new connection to it.

Identify your journey

Put the pieces together. Remember how it felt when you were connected to values and what you wanted to create? The excitement of that new job, the impact you hoped to make?

Redefine and refresh your journey, separate from the work role you have now. If you could have anything, time schedule, work tasks, money, environment, impact, what would it be? How did you get here? What was your journey? And most importantly, how can you create what you are envisioning for yourself now?

Knowing who you are is an empowering process that will not only help you create success at work it will also allow you to live your purpose and pursue a fulfilling, happy life.

Take your time, take a day or two. Relax, sit down, meditate, journal, try to go deeper into yourself, and connect to the real YOU.

Fresh Start – Clear the Clutter

No matter where you are and where you now want to go, there will be something that got in your way so that you are where you are. Noise from inside and outside that stopped you from believing that the life you just envisioned is possible. Perhaps you started going for it, got to the place where you hit a brick wall and didn’t know what to do next, so you gave up. Maybe you brought ideas forward and had them shot down by management, or experienced resistance and push back from colleagues and co-workers, so you gave up. Perhaps you had a green light, and reached the edge of your skills and knowledge, so you stopped short, afraid to look foolish or get it wrong.

Whatever happened or is happening, you can move that clutter aside and have your dream become reality.


Some types of clutter

Outer: paperwork, cluttered bookshelves, sticky notes all over your desk, those nooks and crannies that you know you want to clean and haven’t. One of my guests will talk about the benefits of using Feng Shui in your home or office to harmonize with your surrounding environment. The energy or chi moves through your home and affects your energy. The practice is deeply rooted in mindfulness, in slowing down and noticing the details in your life so that you can truly experience the present moment.

Inner: Self-limiting beliefs – assumptions or perceptions that you’ve got about yourself and about the way the world works. These assumptions are “self-limiting” because in some way they are holding you back from achieving what you are capable of.  For example: “I could never start my own business”. “I’m not smart enough to apply for a promotion.” “Staying with what I have is safer than trying something new.” “A good job with benefits is what you need.” These assumptions and beliefs are deep in our subconscious and drive decisions on automatic. We don’t even remember deciding to believe it, and it operates in the background of our life like a computer program. Turning out the same results over and over.

The primary reason they operate is because we are too close to ourselves and can’t see them. We see our results, and we blame circumstances, because that is easier. My boss doesn’t support me, life always turns out like this for me, rather than recognizing we “see” evidence through our perceptions and beliefs. We believe that “s….t happens”, what can you do? Then we resign ourselves to the way it is.

To identify these beliefs try filling in the blanks:

I can’t start my own business because  ______________

My kids don’t listen to me because _________________

My partner doesn’t contribute   ____________________

Make a long list of these, start with what you want in your life now, and ask yourself what belief is operating so that you don’t have it. An article won’t change this for you, but it gives you an idea of what you really think. It’s important not to justify your thoughts, or to judge them. Just note them and be with them. Start to get to know what is operating below the surface in your mind that is impacting your life.

I hope you find value as we go forward together in my podcast and newsletters.  I’m creating master classes and setting my schedule for coaching and training and will let you know about these opportunities. I look forward to spending time together.

We have been looking within and I’d like to remind you and myself that we impact the world we live in, and so am adding a section I’ll call


Food for greater thought:

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot Official



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