We all want to have more fun in life – right?  Here are some outrageous activities to restore your humor and sense of adventure!

  1. You plan a co-worker’s birthday party and the theme is: This is why Shirley can’t retire!
    1. Everyone completes notecards for Shirley that says:
      1. what she has helped me with
      2. what you love about Shirley
      3. one thing you saw Shirley do for someone else
    2. Read each note card using Shirley’s mannerisms and ways of speaking. (Dramatize it)
  2. You go through your email – Jeopardy style: 
    1. Category: Looming unidentified black holes for $40:
    2. Answer IS: 2 hours 15 minutes
    3. What is the actual melt down estimate for Benny’s office crises?

  3. You pretend you are a cat and stalk that report you misplaced, bringing adventure and the opportunity to pounce on it when found!

  4. Ring My Bell…. When you make a MISTAKE – you get to ring the bell, loudly, for all to hear! Become the town crier and circulate in the office Naming That Mistake!

  5. You gather everyone in the break room for the weekly 7-minute stand up meeting to discuss: Everything that is right about where I work! One sentence each: Go: (1st person back to their desk gets possession of the fairy wand, which entitles them to leave 7 minutes early! (they must turn over said wand in sacred ceremony to office manager) (sacred ceremony is: Bye, I’m leaving now)

  6. For those serious, die hard, life is hard and don’t have fun here people: You get to lead the conga parade to the tune of – It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To!

  7. Don’t hold back: Create a new office position – I Lead Hilarity – pass the baton each week:  The job description: Create something fun for the team, duration 10 minutes, deliverable: at least 5 out of every 7 team members must smile.

  8. Lift up the down trodden: Have a – You Made That Up – calling out game:  Self nominations (by everyone) are taken by submitting “the worst thing that happened to me this week” story to the I Lead Hilarity position and the winner is selected by drawing a name from the hat.

  9. On Friday before leaving everyone gathers and the winner of You Made That Up – gets to – Tell Us All About How Bad It Is:  Being as dramatic as possible, the story should convince the team: anyone would say it’s sad, they have a true sorry lot in life, how bad they had it, how much it was  wrong, not fair, creepy and downright unkind.  Then they get to – Tell Us All About How Good It Is – that they had that experience and convince the team that it was the best thing to have happened in the entire week – no one leaves until they are all convinced!! yeark!

  10. You come home from work and the first thing you do is grab your partner, turn on some music, and dance!